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Monday, October 30, 2006


If anyone would like some "Our Neighboorhood" posters email adam at to setup a time to come pick some up.


Blogger sparklepony said...

your posters encourage people not to use the bathroom on the street, but instead to use the bathroom in a toilet. what about people who do not have access to a toilet? how are people, who are living outside, and therefore do not meet the hygiene standards of most restaurants, cafes, and stores suppose to access a toilet? also, before we chide people for using the restroom outdoors, let's stop a moment and ask ourselves: does having to do private business in public enhance a person's sense of dignity and self-esteem? is using the bathroom outside a choice or is it a necessity? and finally, as people living inside with access to toilets, is it fair for us to spend our energy blaming unhoused folks for our neighborhood's "dirtiness" or should we redirect this energy into addressing the root cause: not enough public restrooms.

as an organization, dedicated to keeping our neighborhoods clean, i hope you are also petitioning and organizing letter writing campaigns to the mayor, supervisors,and representatives about creating more public restroom facilities for folks living outside. although this requires more work than a clever poster taped in a window, it also yields more long-term and sustainable results.

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